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June 19, 2007


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Hi,my baby is 12 weeks old and has dark circles under her eyes. Some days are worse than others. She is being breastfed and sleeps at night from 8.30pm till about 6am. Be great to get some advice. Thanks

Lisa Wager

Why is their such a sudden onset of babies of the same age having dark circles under the eyes? Is it the formula or the immunizations or what was it the mothers prenatal vitamins?


My baby boy is 7 months and has the dark circles under his eyes and he is also rubbing his eyes. they are darker after he wakes up...and sometimes red. It would be great for some advice...I am going to talk to the dr. at his next checkup


My 9 month old woke this morning with very dark (reddish) circles under her eyes and pale skin, which is why I looked it up . . . she looks awful, almost ill, but she isn't!
She has had this happen before, but I just assumed it was because she was tired, although she is a great sleeper - averaging 11-12 hours a night and two 2 1/2 hour naps a day! In her case it is not hereditary and she has not been immunized, so there's no connection there.
I don't really believe she has allergies, household or otherwise, as she isn't congested, coughing or otherwise, so who knows? But I will ask my doctor about it also.


My 15-month old little girl has been showing dark circles under her eyes for about 3 months now. I relate to Susan, as my daughter has no opther symptoms, sleeps fine, eats well, etc.... We have no pets, no carpets. Her pediatrician says its nothing, but I am worried because as a younger baby she looked more glowing. Could it be an iron defeciency? I guess I'll aks for a blood test. Did anyone get concrete answers from their doctors?

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