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June 24, 2008


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This is SO FRUSTRATING. I bought not one, but two Jardine cribs because I wanted a blue crib for our son and a pink one (for the daughter we are hoping to adopt). My son is 19 months old and only sleeps well in his crib. Every trip we take he has slept horribly in our pack and play and we are looking at a 2-3 week turn around from Jardine to receive the packet, mail the required things back, and then receive the voucher. Plus, then I am stuck with whatever BRU has in stock. It took me 8 months of looking a cribs before choosing the blue spindle crib and the pink spindle crib that went with the updated traditional look I was trying to create in the nursery. The last time I was at BRU, I didn't see a single crib that I liked. I never should have bought Jardine in the first place.

Also, since Jardine is a BRU exclusive brand, I don't understand why BRU isn't handling this better. Being able to walk into the store with the defective merchandise and then go home with a replacement would do a lot more to give me faith in BRU. This whole situation seems to be being handled very poorly.

-Frustrated in PA

Kristine Keenan

I called Jardine at 800-646-4106. After about 10 attempts, I got through. The person I spoke with was extremely confused. I explained that I have model number DV830W. She told me it was not part of the recall. I told her it appeared on the list on the press release and was even pictured on the front page of my local news as being one of the recall cribs. She read the model number back to me and it was correct. She checked further and realized she was wrong that my crib was in fact an affected model. Then she asked for the manufactured date. I told her 03-2005. She replied "Up, not part of the affected cribs'. Then she put me on hold for a long time and when she came back she told me it was affected. My advice to anyone is to forget the 800 number and fill the form out online jardinecribrecall.com!!!! I wonder how many people called that day and were told their cribs were not affected when in fact, they were. I own two of these cribs (twins) and am worried they aren't going to be able to handle this recall.


I don't understand how they can put my baby in danger and then offer me a voucher for a crib to be bought at BRU. They screwed up a made a bad product. I should get my money back period.

Frustrated Crib Owner

Although I had registered for my Jardine crib and received it from BRU, I just got the email from BRU informing me that the crib had been recalled. Furthermore, I only found out by chance when I was shutting down my computer and saw the headline on my local news channel. Since the hotline was only open from 8-4:30 I had to wait to talk to someone, even though the recall said that parents should immediately stop using the crib and my daughter was sleeping soundly in it. When I called I got a lot of misinformation. First of all, they told me that I would get a voucher for a new crib in a few weeks and then I could get a new crib. Upon questioning, they told me it would take about 2 weeks to get the recall kit, then I would have to dismantle the crib, send pieces back and then in another 2 weeks I would have my voucher. When I asked where I should put my daughter to sleep since I had to stop using the crib immediately, they said I could go buy a crib at BRU and then get refunded when I got the voucher. When I went to BRU the only cribs that were a comparable price were Jardine cribs, which I really don't feel comfortable using anymore. Unfortunately, the only crib that was in stock, that we felt would be safe and that matched our nursery furniture cost $150 more than our original crib. We were told that all the other cribs would take about 2 weeks to arrive or they couldn't be ordered. We don't really have that kind of money to be spending, but we felt like there was little else we could do. There were tons of more affordable cribs at other retailers that were well within our budget, but unfortantely the voucher is only good at BRU. I hate to say it, but it really does look like BRU will make a lot of money off of this recall and those of us who are struggling with rising gas and grocery costs will have to foot the bill.

Frustrated Crib Owner

I've read all of your books starting from Bridal Bargains on and I know that your goal is to try help people make educated decisions. Hopefully this information can help someone else.

I forgot to mention that the woman I spoke to on the recall hotline told me that as long as my daughter's crib wasn't already broken, I could let her sleep in it until I received my voucher. She only told me that I could purchase the crib now, when I asked her why the recall notice said to stop using the crib immediately and how could I have her sleep in a dismantled crib.

Furthermore, there were many similar style cribs available online at BRU that were only about $10 to $20 more expensive than the one we had. However, I was told by BRU store personnel that I could not use the voucher for an online purchase. (I guess in the long run it would have been more expensive with shipping and I would have to wait until delivery). There was one model in the store. Even though it was a different color than the rest of our nursersy furniture, we would have purchased it since we would only have to pay $20 more. Unfortunately, there were none in stock and we were told that we could not order it from the warehouse in that color or any other color.
Very frustrating!

Disappointed Mom in Lake Zurich

I agree whole-heartedly with what Nancy said, and had the exact same experience. I WAS told that I could buy a crib online from BRU, and then bring the packing slip to the store with the voucher to receive a credit. I received my new crib tonight ($200 more than the original crib---yes, BRU is totally making out in this deal) and have to TRUST that I will not only receive the voucher in the mail from Jardine, and also have to TRUST that BRU will in fact issue a credit. YIKES! Did anyone else buy online from BRU and get their money refunded with the voucher?

Disappointed Mom in Lake Zurich

I agree whole-heartedly with what Nancy said, and had the exact same experience. I WAS told that I could buy a crib online from BRU, and then bring the packing slip to the store with the voucher to receive a credit. I received my new crib tonight ($200 more than the original crib---yes, BRU is totally making out in this deal) and have to TRUST that I will not only receive the voucher in the mail from Jardine, and also have to TRUST that BRU will in fact issue a credit. YIKES! Did anyone else buy online from BRU and get their money refunded with the voucher?


We talked to Jardine and BRU tonight. And finally got the same answer from both. They are now both saying that you can not purchase a new crib online. It has to be done in store.


I did purchase our new crib online and have saved the packing slip, however I am waiting on the voucher! I did order online after speaking with a store manager in my area and two supervisors at BRU 800 number. I did write down dates, times, names and employee numbers (for the phone calls), so I will get credited--I may have to fight for it, but I'm not going to get ripped off because two terrible companies can't make policy and stick to it!


Did anyone know how many bolts should we mail back. I did receive the instruction but it is not clear. I called Jardine but the representative seems not clear either. He told me just send in the bolts related to the mattress support plate is enough. Can anyone confirm this? TIA


I first called bru and they gave me the Jardine 800 # number
which I couldn't get through till the next day. I'm upset because I don't believe this procedure for the cribs are fair,first of all there making people purchase them at bru or tru and they should allow the consumer to get credit,check or a
voucher for wherever they purchase there crib-myself purchased
one @ bru I found one for $179.99 but my voucher for the crib is for 240.00-I don't believe that this is fair that I can't receive a balance that I can use in the store when I paid more for the orig. crib to begin with. I called Jardine and complained and a supervisor was to call but I haven't received a response back.When you return a item you get full credit you don't receive partial credit its not my fault that this happened. This process really stinks,the otherday after I returned the stuff back to Jardine I received another ups envelope for the return how screwed up is that. I'm really frustrated about this process the wait and for not being compensated properly and for putting my baby @ risk. I will not buy another Jardine product.

Kristine Keenan

So I just came back from the Boca BRU. They had a couple of white cribs on the showroom floor. One was another Jardine (no thanks!) and the other was ugly as heck. And as the other person mentioned, both were cheaper than the ones we had. It's so unfair to not get the balance of what you paid vs. what you get back. GRRR!!!
I am ready for a class action lawsuit!

Tiffany S

I recieved notice through an email account. I feel less than pleased with the process you will have to take to get a new bed.

Jessica Bradley

Bring on the class action lawsuit!!!

I am yet, one more extremely angry customer. My story is very similar to many others...unreturned phone calls, runaround answers, clueless hotline operators, lack of care for the safety of my child...I could go on and on.

I refuse to pay any more than I did in the first place. It is not my problem that there is no crib in the same cherry wood as the rest of my set that equals in quality and style to what I have. I should not be forced to pick a piece of furniture I don't like or that doesn't match just because it's all that's available. Give me my money back and I'll go to a a store that has actual customer service.

I've filed a formal complaint with Toys R Us. I'm in the process of contacting Fox News in NY to see if they will do anything with the story. I am also contacting the Attorney General in Connecticut as well as CPSC to report this fiasco. I know is might sound like a bit much...but I refuse to be taken for a fool!!! Probably wouldn't hurt for others to do the same!!!


I'm glad you're all posting, and I'm not the only one that thinks it's absurd that we are not getting a full refund, as is the usual case with other product recalls.
I believe I will contact my NY Attorney General to inquire about a class action lawsuit. I think we should all get back what we paid to go elsewhere with our business. I think I'm going to write to the local NYC news stations too (NBC, ABC, CBS). Maybe we can shame BRU & Jardine into just refunding us what we paid.
I am worried about what selection we will find and the cost of that selection when we finally get the voucher. SIL has offered me the use of her crib, but why should we not get the full purchase price back if it's not my fault that Jardine can't make a sturdy crib? Why should all of us be out $150+ ?
I'm just glad that my son (second user of the crib) is young enough to sleep in a Pack n Play still.

Kristine Keenan

Maggie, I was just wondering how other crib recalls have been handled. Is that true--they just get checks for the amount? I don't understand why we can't!!
My twin two year olds are absolutely driving me nuts after almost 3 weeks without cribs.

Rachel J.

I submitted my info on their website within hours of hearing it on the news on 06-25-08. That day we disassembled the crib and leaned it up against the wall in our bedroom and put the Graco TravelLite up next to our bed. I got the recall packet from ups on 07-02-08. The instructions were to disassemble each part of the crib and put the bolts aside, and then it said to include the bolts, mattress support etc... in what is sent back to them. The problem was the prepaid PAPER envelope they sent along for the return of the bolts etc was only for 1 lb and the bolts weighed more than that. So I called to find out which bolts I needed to send and the lady was nice but she made it sound like I didn’t read the instructions, and she told me to just send everything that came out of the mattress support brackets. And I asked her what to do with the rest of the crib and she said to dispose of it so no one else can use it. So I put the crib out for trash and I taped the bolts and mattress support etc… to a paper and brought them to my ups outlet which wouldn’t sent them in the envelope that they sent me without re-enforcing it, so it was sent back on 07-02-08. And on 07-03-08 ups delivered another recall packet, that I just put aside. Getting long, I'll submit another…

Rachel J.

continued… So it is now 7-16-08 that’s 2 weeks and still no voucher, so I checked the tracking number on the one I sent to them and they DID receive the packet I sent back to them. I called around 3:30 today and I think it was the same lady I spoke to before and she told me that she can’t give me any info on where my voucher is. Their voucher system and the ups system went down last week and it is now out of date but it should be updated tomorrow. That she should get an email back in the morning when it is updated and I can just call back tomorrow to see if there is anything new in their system. 6-25 to 7-16 that’s 21 days so far with my 8 month old sleeping in a bassinet sized bed. It is just frustrating that I couldn’t just bring the crib back to BRU and get a new one (I did call BRU and ask if I could do that before I submitted for the recall packet, they told me I had to go through the website).

Heather C

Believe me, most of us are going through the same bull. My 11 month old has barely slept because of this recall. They recieved my package but my voucher won't be sent for 1 to 2 weeks from when they got it..They got my stuff on the 10th so if they send it in 2 weeks thats the 24th plus delivery time..so the end of July...over a full month before I get a voucher. Then how long until I get a crib?

Rachel J.

Update... I called back this morning and a man told me that for some reason people who submitted on my date were having issues getting their vouchers, and that he doesn’t know why... But he did say that he was putting me on an expedited list and that it ships 3 day guaranteed so I should have it by Monday he said. So I guess I have no other choice than to wait and see if it actually gets shipped...


I called Jardine directly, 1-800-295-1980 after waiting 2 weeks after sending my bolts back and still no voucher. Took several phone calls and I needed my reference number from the original request , but they tracked my voucher and they must have screwed up somewhere because we were overnighted our voucher, it arrived bright and early the next day. After 3 solid weeks of bad sleeping for our child, we finally have a crib. I suggest calling that number and not letting up on them until you have a tracking number in hand.


I can not tell you how frustrated I am with this whole process. I too got a 2nd UPS envelope, my mail carrier refused, at first, to pick up the bolts because the envelope was not approved for the weight, and STILL NO VOUCHER... I think BRU needs to have some accountability here. They sold the defective cribs, and they are taking no responsibility for the fact that many of us have been out of a crib for almost a month. My son is 34 lbs and just turned 2 on May 31st. The pack and play is just too small for him now, so I had to put him in a twin bed which has been a NIGHTMARE. He is WAY too little to be out of a crib. I am going to have my husband call them daily to see where our voucher is and let him yell at the people at BRU when we go and there are no cribs available. This is a LOUSY solution. Why are we paying for their design mistake???


My vouchers arrived today!! Anyway, as I mentioned I ordered my cribs online last week after I read the blog on here about online purchases. Now the fun begins--trying to get reimbursed at the store. I went there today (before vouchers arrived) and they seemed confused about the process. I encourage everyone to file a complaint witht he CPSC. I did this morning and someone emailed me to get my phone number and crib models as they are going to contact Babies R Us on my behalf to resolve. The more people that complain, the better chance we have.


I will be filing a complaint as well. . . this process is flawed at best, with horrible customer service! So glad you got your vouchers, we'll keep waiting.


Just out of curiosity, how long did it take everyone to get their recall packet? I filled out my information online on June 26 and still have not received it (today being July 19). Pretty upset because I know I'm going to have to wait again when I send it back for the actual voucher. Thanks.


I submitted my information online on June 26 and still haven't received the recall packet (3 weeks). I called the Jardine Hotline, and they said it had been sent but that they would send another one. I asked when to expect the packet, and the representative "hoped" it would arrive within a week. By the way, when I tried to call Jardine's hotline direction, the phone would automatically disconnect. I had to call CPSC and they transferred me over. Based on the other comments, I can hardly wait to deal with BRU!


Thanks Heather. Same story here. Submitted same day and called again today and was told that the package must've been lost or mishandled and that they would send another one this week. I'm pretty pessimistic as well about the next steps.


That's insane you have not received your packages yet!!! Today I received an email from the CPSC attorney who is handling the Jardine recall. If you are having problems, call or email her about it.
Below is the contact info.
Michelle Faust Gillice
Trial Attorney
Office of Compliance, Legal Division
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
(301) 504-7667


Kristine, Did you complain to the CPSC? How did this attorney get your name? Is she going after Jardine for all these added headaches or just gathering info on what people are going thru?


Kerry, I filed a complaint on the CPSC's website. Within a couple of days the attorney contacted me. I encourage everyone who is having a problem to contact her. They need to know what is going on. I also sent 5 letters out yesterday to Toys R US CEO, Babies R US President, their safety director and someone else.


I cannot believe that they still haven't posted a concrete policy yet. I received my vouchers over the weekend and today my cribs appeared (they had been lost in the mail). I called the 888 babyrus number to find out exactly what I need to bring to the store for refund. I want to be prepared with no issues. The rep was pretty confused and placed me on hold for a while. He gets back on and tells me to bring my Jardine cribs to the store for refund! arrg! I hung up because I just can't deal with this today. I may just have my husband go in and take care of this because I am not going their alone with my twins, which is stressful in itself.


I heard about the recall back when it came out. I had just happened to sign up for the CPSC notifications a few days beforehand.

We just moved overseas. I have to wait another 3 weeks before I have access to my son's crib to even request my recall packet. It is still in storage, as we are waiting to move into our permanent housing.

If the voucher has to be used in BRU, what am I going to do? It isn't like I can just head over to a BRU to buy a new crib! I'm not even sure if they have them anywhere near us.

Does anyone know how Jardnine/BRU plans to handle the claims of families who live overseas who have an affected crib?




You may want to call back. I submitted my 1st round of information on June 26, same as you, and when I called to find out why I had not received my package, I was told by the Jardine Rep that the people who submitted their claims on the 26th of June were having problems. I have since resubmitted my info 3 times and still have not received the 1st package.

Good Luck!!!! We are all getting the run around.


Rachel J.

Here is yet another update! Still no voucher! And we have received 3 recall kits so far! There is too much to type in here so anyone interested in reading what is going on with our fiasco of a recall I put it up on my live spaces (it is just this jardine story on there) rachelsrantsandraves.spaces.live.com We just sent back to the 3rd recall kit with a letter etc. so if we still get no results I will contact the attorney listed on this page!


Got my kit and voucher timely. Don't want another Jardine from BRU (all they offer in the price range of recalled cribs.) So had to get one online w/ the $ up front and it will be another 2 weeks before the crib arrives. Still waiting to here from a Superviser (5 days now) from Jardine so I can get my shipping reimbursed since I still have to drive 1 hr both ways to the closest BRU (spend 25 or so in gas) to get reimbursed for a crib that is more expensive than the original I bought. Anyone had any luck w/ being reimbursed for shipping, or any response from CPSC or Better Business Bureau?


STILL WAITING! Our voucher has not arrived, the last thing I want to do is call Jardine but it looks like I'm going to have to call! I even put this off an extra week because our older son turned 3 Saturday and party planning was MUCH more important and fun than searching for my missing voucher!!! I sure hope this can be resolved soon!


STILL WAITING! Our voucher has not arrived, the last thing I want to do is call Jardine but it looks like I'm going to have to call! I even put this off an extra week because our older son turned 3 Saturday and party planning was MUCH more important and fun than searching for my missing voucher!!! I sure hope this can be resolved soon!


I just spoke with Jardine, the lady was very nice, she said it is in transit for delivery tomorrow. I really hope that is the case. I will report back tomorrow.

Nichole Young

UGH! Add me to the list of irritated parents! I have been fighting with Jardine for 3 weeks on the status of receiving my voucher! I was told on the 23rd, 25th, and 28th of July that I was being put on an expedited list...here today is the 30th and I still have NOTHING! I just called their regular CS number and spoke with Albert who apologized and says, "I don't know why they haven't processed your voucher yet, but...". I cut him off and told him that he better not even let the words "expedited list" leave his lips. He then promises that he will get my voucher processed today and call me back this evening or tomorrow morning with a tracking number...I'm not holding my breath! I also filed a complaint with the CPSC and the attorney that some posted info about.


WOW!!! We DID get the voucher TODAY!!! I am pleasantly surprised! So it only took 4 weeks or so. Now the fun of getting refunded for my online purchase. I won't be trying for another week because BRU is about an hour away and we are already planning on being in that area for pictures in a week or so. With the price of gas I think I'll just wait another week to get my refund. I will update as that occurs, believe me I will not take no online refunds, from BRU!!! I just hope it goes smoothly!


Ok, mabye im an idiot, but, im trying to send in my packet.. How did you all get the ID label off? And, were the mattress support brackets the flat long brackets???



We could not get the label off without tearing it to piecees, we called Jardine they said take a picture of the label with a driver's license and send it in. We sent the picture and a few pieces of label! It did work, we did get the voucher as for the pieces I was confused and sent every piece of hardware on the crib.


Hi, wanted to see what was going on or of any updates - called the day the press release went out, received our kit and sent it back July 23rd. It's Aug 25th and I still have not received my voucher for 2 cribs. They're worth $650! Have complained almost everyday since 8/8/08, still to no avail. One particilar rep said he would personally handle my info and get my voucher out. Called back the next day and he had no idea who I was - in fact, they lost ALL of my paperwork! And I've been calling almost every day for the past 2 months! Today was the final straw after being told numerous times I would be 'overnighted' my voucher - if I don't receive it by tomorrow, I WILL be contacting a lawyer.

Please share any other (good or bad) experiences you may have had! Thank you so much!

Nancy Cowles

Have you tried the babies R us hotline for this recall -- from their webpage: If at any point during the Jardine recall process you experience difficulty of any kind, please contact us for assistance on our dedicated hotline at (973) 617-5000, or email us at jardinecribrecall@toysrus.com


OK - so I just heard about this recall. I am going to get the kit and get a new crib since mine is going to be used for the new baby due any day now.

I had this issue when my daughter was born and had two replacement gates sent to me. It's amazing that two years later they are recalling the cribs.


All I wanted was a crib equivalent to my cherry crib that matched the whole set I bought at babie r us. As there was not a single drop side cherry crib equal to what I had I refused to be out of pocket and fought it. I am still waiting to hear back from 2 people at Jardine from whom I was promised a call back. That is a joke and I gave up there a month ago. They deserve to go out of business and hope from the bottom of my heart that they do!

However, on a happy note, it it now 1.5 months from the start of this fiasco I am finally reimbursed the voucher value plus $181 which includes the difference of what a new crib cost plus the cost of tax and shipping.

I refused to be out of pocket a single penny for this and fought it through Babies R Us...who should ultimately be responsible to their customers. You too should all fight it and get your money back. It was a struggle for me with lots of phone calls and a couple of trips to babies r us, but it was worth it in the end. Again, I wasn't asking for something bigger and better...just a crib as equivalent to what I had as possible.

Good luck everyone!!!


I received my voucher, but I don't need a crib anymore. I'm planning to buy a crib at BRU and then return it without a receipt for store credit. Has anyone else done this and did it work for them?


Less than 24 hrs. have passed since I submitted the info on my recalled crib online, having only found out about the recall yesterday (I’m bad about product registration), and I'm already starting to consider whether I'm going to complete the process after reading comments here and on other sites about the hassles people are enduring. And frankly, I have to question, "for what?" I’m a first time mom but hear me out. I of course hate hearing stories of needless injuries and deaths to children but, in the case of this particular recall, it seems to me like it would be not only much simpler, but more prudent in general, to watch for signs of wear in the recalled crib (as we’re supposed to be doing anyway with any crib), and to stop using it at the first sign of wear and replace it with a crib that has not been recalled (or at least not yet). I mean, how does one even know that the crib they buy to replace a recalled crib is not going to have a worse, more potentially dangerous, design flaw. It seems to me that it’s better to know what to look for and be very diligent to look for it than to use something not knowing what its flaws are. Because, unfortunately, every product is going to have flaws. Believe me, my child's safety is paramount and as soon as I got home from work I verified my model number was affected and immediately submitted it online. I knew I needed to get the process started as soon as possible since I’d already read about the long wait for vouchers. But I'm not convinced that these cribs from Jardine are "unsafe under any circumstances”. To be honest, my child has used the crib very seldom, so my experience is limited, but wouldn’t a child have to be repeatedly kicking the spindles or slats to cause one to break? Not only does this seem common sense, but that’s the impression I get when reading about the tests BRU now wants crib makers to perform which simulate a child kicking. If that’s the case, I can’t imagine an infant being unsafe in one of these cribs. As long as we parents use common sense and diligence, I’m sure we can keep our children as safe as humanly possible without sacrificing our time and energy to destroy something that could provide a lot of use.


Wow! Major omission above on my part, the author. Make that "time, energy and money"!! How could I have left THAT out?? Not that money is all-important but as we all know, it affects our decisions.


I have to agree with sab. If I could do it all over again, I would keep the Jardine cribs for my twins! The Simplicity cribs I purchased to replace the Jardone ones are so flimsy and awful that I have had to call for several different replacement parts already (never had to call Jardine once in 2.5 years). The Jardine ones felt much more sturdy. I automatically converted these Simplicity ones to toddler beds and hope they last 6 months. I want my Jardines back!


I am outraged as well! They sent me the packet with very little instruction as to which pieces were to be sent back and then after 3 weeks no voucher, I called three times and finally was informed that they never got the packet!!! And of course, the crib is gone at this point. By the way, that old lady on the hotline is a rude witch too...every pot has it's cover when it comes to employment I suppose. Anyway, after a total of five weeks I got the voucher and was looking forward to finally getting a new crib. I knew I wouldn't find another light blue crib, so I decided on white, thinking that's easy enough. Well, their selection (in-store and online) is horrible and I refuse to let them make money on this. I am going to call CS and argue like crazy. This is totally unacceptable. Also, if you have to order online, for the inconvenience of having to gamble and order a crib sight unseen, they should at least give free shipping. I'll not shop there again.


What is a mattress support plate? What does it look like and what is made of?


I just found out about the recall last night via an e-mail. I looked up my crib and sure enough my crib was listed. I called up the hotline and they wanted my info and would send me out a voucher to purchase another crib and then send back the bolts in the prepaid envelope they would send. I spoke to a jardine rep today as well, asking what if there isn't anything wrong with my crib, can it still be used as a daybed or the full size. The lady I spoke to was extremely rude and short with me. Stating absolutley not it must be returned, blah, blah, blah. I have been in customer service for over ten years and have never treated anyone as she was treating me. I asked to speak to her supervisor and complained about her attitude and that it was unexceptable. The supervisor answered my questions in a manner satisfactory to me. There was no mention of a two week waiting period to send back the parts or how long it would take to get the voucher. I just filled out the online form and will see what happens. It isn't my fault that jardine made a defective product by having it produced in Taiwan. and now I possibly can't get the style I like or matching all the other furniture my son has in his room. I am expecting my 2nd child and have to buy another convertible crib, what's to say the same crap won't happen again. I wish my grandfather was still alive...he could have built me a crib and it would be safe and wouldn't have to worry at all.


I must say that I've had a good experience with Jardine but I went about it a different way. First off the crib (Jardine Madison Lifetime Conversion Crib in white) I have was NOT affected by the recall but one of the slats had broke. I had contacted the Consumer Product Safety Commission through their website I heard from them next day they were going to take the crib and reimburse me with a check for the purchase price of the crib but when they saw that my husband had tried to repair it they couldn't use it for testing so the told me to contact BRU & Jardine. BRU wasn't much help I got 10% off & free shipping for their website and they told me to contact Jardine.

I emailed Jardine pictures of the broken crib from every possible angle and I was emailed the following day from a supervisor from Ontario they UPS me a HUGE box to send the broken part back to them which I dropped off this past Friday once they got confirmation that UPS in fact had the box in their possession on Monday (I sent it out late on Friday) they FedEx 2 Day me the voucher which is on it's way to me today. I'm just hoping I find something we like that turns into a toddler bed nicely our son is already over 1 so we will be transitioning him in a few months. We are getting $369 but we paid $399 + tax back in Feb 2005 I really can't complain considering I didn't have my receipt from a crib I bought over 4 years ago.

So my suggestion would be to try the route I went it might work out better & faster for you. Here is Dorel's email DAS@dorel.com


I didn't know about this recall until today because my son was sleeping soundly and the mattress was up as high as it could be and the lower left side fell down and he rolled into the corner and his arm stuck through the bar. He was screaming and crying and I was crying and screaming. We were both very, very upset. I looked up the number and my receipt to take care of this because I'm not letting my son sleep in this death trap. Then I find that my crib has been recalled for ANOTHER issue than this one. He will be sleeping in his pack n' play until we get a new crib.

My mother wanted to know if we get a voucher for just the crib or for the whole set because we also bought the dresser.

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