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July 15, 2008


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Kristine Keenan

Thank you for posting this. Although, I am a little troubled that this big news is not posted on the Jardine crib recall site. I had also received an email weeks go about my cribs being part of the recall so why didn't they send out a mass email with this news? Late last night after I saw this, I still went ahead and ordered the cribs I want from babiesrus.com. Three weeks now the twins have been sleeping on the floor and it felt good to finally do somethin to resolve it. Thank you!!

Heather C

Ok. I would love to see something posted about this on BRU or the Jardine Recall site. I called my BRU after reading this and they are still saying that you can not purchase a crib online and be reimbursed.

Kristine Keenan

I just read Heather's post and am considering canceling my order. Uggh! I will call my local BRU soon to check first though. I dread this, the customer service there is always mean to begin with. I don't plan on having more children, but if I did I would not enter that store again!!!

Kristine Keenan

I just called the Babiesrus 1 800 number (1-888-BabyRUs) and the woman I spoke to told me that they were each given a memo that said the online puchases will be honored. Just as the blog mentioned, order the crib online and then present your recipt and voucher to the local store for reimbursement. I told her about Heather's experience and she was going to conference me in with the 'land based' customer service. She got back on the line and told me that they said they didn't know a thing about the online purchase voucher thing! She took all of my information because they are going to research where the communication break down is and resolve it. The person I spoke to was wonderful and I trust her. I will post when I hear back from them-she said it could be 24 to 72 hours though.


Just when we thought it might get easier!!! I really hope things work out for you guys, we are still waiting on the voucher, but out BRU store has said they will honor online purchase as of last week or so. BRU could use some policy making and carryout help!

Kristine Keenan

The person I spoke with for online customer service was named 'Mandy'--so I took that as a good sign! Anyway, mail came. Still no vouchers.


I just finally got my envelope to send my stuff in to get the vouchers after two and a half weeks of waiting! I kept calling Jardine and they kept blaming UPS?! UGH! However, I am elated that we will be reimbursed for shipping! I don't like my new cribs anywhere near as much as my old ones, but at least I won't be out any money for them! YEAH! I also agree with all of you that I will go out of my way to avoid BRU from now on!

Rachel J.

I just went to my local BRU and the selection there was far less than the online assortment and 1/2 of them were Jardine (NEVER AGAIN!). Anyway I spoke to a manager about the ability to purchase online and she explained to me that it just wasn’t possible that they have 2 payment systems and 2 separate warehouses and that it just isn’t possible to be reimbursed if I were to buy one online. I even asked her if I can sit online at the store and have them watch me make the purchase and she said it just wasn’t possible again...

So I told her about this article and asked her if she would take my name and number and call me if she hears word of this...

I started walking around the store and she comes up to me about 5 min later and says she just talked to someone else and they told her that I was correct and that I needed to make sure that I bring in the email confirmation showing the price and payment method and the packing slip showing the price and payment method along with the voucher and they will reimburse me.


Rachel, I cannot believe what happened to you! Or I should say I am not surprised. How difficult is it for them to get their policy straight? I have still not heard back since my call Wednesday. My new cribs shipped and I am dreading going into my local BRU to deal with this. This whole thing has been a disaster that it didn't have to be.


I feel the same sense of dread to head to BRU to get refunded. I know I have followed everything they have said to do but I am afraid we will run into trouble when we get there. Although we can't do anything now because we still do not have vouchers!~!!! Not sure if you have read the other sections of the blog but it seems Eric did get his voucher, however it was after numerous phone conversations they finally overnighted it. I really hope I don't have to talk to anyone else about this issue. I feel like by the time we get refund our sweetheart will be ready for a toddler bed!!!!


At least someone finally received a voucher--now we know they truly do exist!!!
This has been a nightmare. It could have been handled so much better. I filed a complaint with the CPSC this morning about the online confusion. If they had a clear policy, rather than an attitude to make more money, things would be fine right now. BRU does not seem to care about the babies and toddlers without safe places to sleep and it makes me sick. They seem to be only concerned on making money off of this. I really had a positive attitude going into this but now I am just frustrated. To add insult to injury, when I was putting together rails for our guest bed so they could sleep in there (which did not work anyway), I dropped one of the metal pipes on my toe and my toenail is all black. I will be reminded of this fiasco for at least another 6 months!! (Hopefully we have our vouchers by then!!!)


I just called BRU and they still say the official stance is that NO ONLINE PURCHASES will be honored. I am really frustrated with the whole process, especially since it seems like action with BRU results in them passing it off on Jardine and Jardine acts like there is nothing they can do about it.


Elizabeth did you contact the 800 number or your local BRU? You might try your local BRU (if you haven't). If they say okay I would get it in writing or take employee names and employee numbers, I know that sounds drastic but this company changes their policy by the hour it seems!!


We've submitted our kit last Wednesday (July 9th)and for some reason when I called the Jardine hotline, it's still not showing up in their system that we've submitted them. They did tell me that it takes 2 weeks for them to process so I'll sit tight until next Wednesday. I did get some good news though. He said that if our kit is still not in the system by next Wednesday, they have a process that'll allow people whose mail got lost to still get their vouchers. I was really worried that we're SOL. Our crib that we ordered already came in so we're picking that up today.


OK, so my vouchers arrived yesterday and my cribs hipped the day before. Last night, I checked the tracking number of the crib shipment and my cribs have been shipped to 'Winnemucca, Nevada'. I live in South Florida!! It just never ends. I call BRU last night and they have no way to stop the shipment. They have no idea what is going on, where my cribs are or when I will have them. It just never ends!!!


Mandy, I called the BRU 800 number and their memo specifically says they will not honor online purchases. I think I am going to bring my husband to our local BRU and let him deal with the incompetence. Here is the letter I got back from BRU after I complained...

Dear Elizabeth:

Thank you for taking the time to share your comments with us. We value all your feedback, positive and negative, as it helps us to understand how our guests feel and gives us an opportunity to evaluate any possible issues. Hearing from you has helped us to do just that. Your comments are important to us, and we have forwarded them to our Corporate Office where they will be reviewed. Again, we appreciate your feedback, and look forward to serving you again in the future!

I do apologize that we did not meet your expectations regarding the Jardine crib recall. I do understand your frustration with the limited crib selection.

As stated above, I will forward your concerns to the appropriate department. I am sorry for any inconvenience this caused you.

If you have other questions, please call 1-800-869-7787.

Fantastic info don't you think???


I can't believe all of the misery this is creating for everyone. Why isn't there a clear cut, printed out policy that everyone can see and follow? I feel so badly for Kristine and her twins. The response that Elizabeth received above is absolutely typical for their customer service. I couldn't stand the thought of displacing my son from his crib, so I went a bought one the next day (despite my anger at BRU). I still haven't received my voucher (it's been only 12 days since I mailed it back), and I am dreading going to BRU for my refund. The manager told me that I would be able to receive a refund, but based on how incompetently they are handling this whole process, I'm not going to hold my breath that it will be an easy transaction.

I posted a comment about the crib that I bought to replace our Jardine one, it is a Carter's (Butterfly Living) Crib. I've noticed that the slats seem very flexible, I hope this doesn't mean that they are likely to break. How great would it to be have our replacement crib recalled?

I've also noticed that they have coupons running right now for 15% off one item and 10% off your entire purchase. I've seen them for sale on ebay, but I think that we should all be entitled to either of those discounts, at the very least. The 15% off expires on 7/24 and the 10% off on 7/31, so I'm hoping the vouchers appear before then. I do think that everyone should be aware of these coupons and take advantage of them. I think they gave them away over the July 4th weekend.

I feel so badly for everyone. We're trapped and at BRU's mercy.


Elizabeth, BRU's reaction to this issue is really unbelievable. I am so sorry you are still getting the run around. The ironic thing about this is when I first called the 800 number, the day after the recall, I was trying to locate a specific crib which they told me they did not stock in stores and only sold online. I was frustrated but the associate was the first to suggest ordering online and getting refunded at my local store, and now they are trying to back away from this. I hope this doesn't mean
more headaches when our voucher finally comes. As for your response from BRU. . . I totally understand here was my complaint and "resolution"
I am disappointed in your customer service. I am currently trying to find a non-recalled crib to replace our recalled one.Last week I found one on-line and was told their was no way to order online and get reembursed at a store.Now a week later the story has changes and you may order online, well that's great except the price of the crib has gone up $40 in that time.When I called I was told sorry nothing we can do. I explained I was ready to order last week and told no but she would check w/ supervisor,the answer was no price matching. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was refused saying one would call me in 1-2 days, UNACCEPTABLE. Then my husband called a minute after me and was able to speak to a supervisor and get the situation fixed. Why was I treated poorly when I was the one being nice--he was not nearly as kind and got it fixed. This is not right- do you operate on the "squeaky wheel" policy. I wasted a lot of time on the phone with your company while watching my two boys all for nothing. I am a mother of 2 that does not have time to waste with your company. Mandy

Dear Mandy :

Ms. , I do apologize that I do not have access to on-line information or programs. I do understand your frustration with being denied a resolution or a supervisor. I am sorry for the inconvenience this caused you.

I do not know why your husband was offered a different resolution.

If you have other questions, Ms. , please call 1-800-869-7787.


Toys "R" Us Guest Relations Team



Elizabeth and Mandy, the responses you received from BRU are infuriating!! It's like they passify us and apologize and then never do a darned thing to resolve the issue. I never heard back from my call last Wednesday (about the online purchases), when I was promised that a supervisor would call. I called again late Friday night about my cribs being sent across the country (rather than to me-they actually shipped them from MD to NV instead of FL!!) and never heard back. At this point, nobody knows where my cribs even are. I am ready to launch a campaign of complaints and letters. I just don't have the energy to get started.


Gerald L. Storch, Chairman and CEO of Toys R Us Inc.
Toys"R"Us, Inc. Headquarters
One Geoffrey Way
Wayne, New Jersey
Dear Mr. Storch:
This letter is to convey to you how exasperated we are with your handling of the Jardine crib recall.
We purchased two Jardine convertible cribs (Model DV830-W ‘Lifetime’ cribs) from your store summer of 2005 in preparation of our coming twins. Because the cribs were convertible, we had planned to have them for many years. They converted from cribs to toddler day beds to full size beds. We purchased from Babies R Us because we believed that your store would have the utmost safety of our babies in mind. We were stunned to see the recall of the cribs on June 24, 2008, just as we were about to convert them to toddler beds. However, we did appreciate that the recall was for their safety and that Babies R Us was not responsible for the manufacturing. We were grateful that no children were killed as in other crib recalls. We had faith that the issue would be quickly resolved because it involved babies and toddlers.
As you advised, we immediately discontinued use of the cribs. Our twins are two years old and too large for the old pack n’ plays so we set up our guest mattress on the floor of their room, thinking it would only be a week or two. We completed our paperwork for the recall online on June 24th. On July 1st we received the kits to disassemble and send back for vouchers. We sent the parts back in the provided envelope on July 2, 2008.
On several occasions, I went into Babies R Us to review the selection of white cribs that would match the other white furniture we had purchased from you for the girls’ room in 2005. Each time, the selection was dismal. There were only several white cribs to choose from. One or two were Jardine (no thank you) and the others either didn’t match their furniture or were not convertible to toddler beds, which is what we need. In addition, most of the cribs were more expensive than our vouchers would be anyway. However, on babiesrus.com, there was a huge selection of nice convertible cribs in our price range. We heard from others late June 15th that Babies R Us would now begin allowing purchases from babiesrus.com, where you bring your voucher and online purchase receipt into a Babies R Us store to be refunded. Desperate to get our children off the floor after weeks of sleeping there, we purchased two cribs from babiesrus.com late that night (order number 8763407323). The next morning, I called (888) babyrus to confirm that the policy of purchasing online and being refunded in store when my vouchers arrived. I spoke with a wonderful, professional woman named Mandy (Agent 74509) who confirmed this to be true. She assured me they had in fact received a memo that illustrated this procedure. I told her that I wanted to be certain when I went into a store for my refund that I would not have any issues. She offered to conference me in with the land-based customer service to assure me. After several minutes she came back on the phone and told me they were not aware of this procedure! I asked if I should cancel my online order just in case ($500.00 is a great deal of money for us right now). She told me not to, that it was the policy and they would straighten things out. I was told a supervisor would call me to confirm. Nobody ever called me back. My order shipped July 17th.
I checked the tracking number attached to my order to find when it would arrive and saw the below:

Tracking number
Ship date Jul 17, 2008
Estimated delivery Jul 23, 2008

Reference 92289965001
Purchase order number 368138
Shipment ID 8558KIW
Invoice number 947509 / 8558KIW
Destination winnemucca, NV
Service type Ground-Domestic
Weight 79.0 lbs.

Status Departed FedEx location

Date/Time Activity Location Details
Jul 19, 2008 8:43 AM Departed FedEx location HAGERSTOWN, MD
Jul 18, 2008 5:22 AM Arrived at FedEx location HAGERSTOWN, MD
12:59 AM Left FedEx origin facility EXTON, PA
Jul 17, 2008 10:04 PM Arrived at FedEx location EXTON, PA
2:33 PM Picked up EXTON, PA
9:56 AM Package data transmitted to FedEx

I live in South Florida and the cribs were shipped from Maryland to Nevada! I immediately called (888) babyrus to find out what was going on. The person I spoke to was very nice and called FedEx, yet they could not determine what had happened or where the cribs were. Again, I was told a supervisor would call me. I have not been called back. They mentioned refunding my shipping (I would hope so, but was glad I didn’t have to ask).
It is now July 21 and the girls have been sleeping on a mattress on their floor for nearly a month now with no end in sight. Their cribs are somewhere in the world and there is not even a confirmation of a policy about refund. Do you think that toddlers and babies should be sleeping on the floor for over a month? I am told that this recall was months in advance. Surely a concrete policy could have been constructed in that time. Because this recall was so massive, I am sure a lot of planning went into handling it. However, the proper thing to do would have been to immediately send out refund checks for the full purchase price of the cribs. The voucher system seems to be failing miserably. Because of all of the miscommunications, thousands of babies and kids do not have safe places to sleep right now.
I had gone into this recall with a positive attitude. Even though we were told that we would not be refunded the difference between what we paid for the original convertibles ($250) we chose cheaper new convertibles ($209.99). That is a very bad policy. With every wrong turn, I was sympathetic and patient but now I have reached a point where I have no faith in your company any longer. I will never shop at any of your stores again; I am so disgusted and angry. Stores like Target, Baby Love, Wal-Mart; all sell a wonderful selection of baby items and toys. We purchased Babies R Us because we trusted you. Shame on your company for its handling of this recall. It is wrong to not refund the entire amount. The voucher system is bad. It is wrong to drag the process out so long.
Cc Consumer Product Safety Commission

Timeline of events

• Purchase Lifetime cribs Summer 2005
• June 24, 2008 Cribs recalled-advised to discontinue use
• June 24, 2008 complete online recall submission form
• July 1, 2008 receive recall ‘kit’
• July 2, 2008 send back crib parts in provided envelope, along with paperwork
• July 8, 2008 kits received by your company
• July 15, 2008 Cribs ordered from babiesrus.com
• July 16, 2008 Called (888) babyrus to confirm online policy
• July 17, 2008 cribs shipped (to wrong destination across country)
• July 19, 2008 Vouchers finally received
• July 21, 2008 No cribs, no idea when will arrive. No word on refund policy


OK, right after I spent an hour drafting the above letter out to the CPSC and BRU brass and minutes from returning from the mailbox, I get a call from babiesus.com management afterall. The woman was a manager and reiterated that Babies R Us has changed its policy to honor the online orders being reimbursed in store with the vouchers. She said the stores were mistakenly telling people no and it will be resolved today. She agreed that the stores had little selection and that was why they adopted the new policy.
Now if she can get my cribs from wherever they landed in Nevada, there will be light.


So people are actual getting the voucher kits? I first called a month ago and have yet to receive anything. I called last week and was told one was being sent to me by 2-day air. You guessed it - no kit has arrived. I just called again and was told I would be put on an expedited list but it would take another 5 days. This is insane.


I have been following these comments and I keep hearing the same thing as everyone above. I put in my request for the initial recall kit 1 month ago- then UPS had a problem, then I should have it via 2 day air, then overnight, etc, etc. I was just on the phone with Dorel (parent company) call center and hopefully they will be able to help me. The number is 1-800-295-1980 in case anyone wants to try there since the recall hotline is useless. I was told I would get a call back in 20 minutes and they would be able to send my kit overnight. Does anyone want to bet I don't hear back from them today?


I just wanted to share my story with all of you. It looks as though I am finally done with all of this (except for the complaint letters I will be sending out regarding this mess).

So, here is what happened: I was told by my local BRU store manager and furniture department manager to order my crib online since they had nothing in the store that would match the dresser they would not take back, except for a $400.00 crib made by Jardine (like I'm going to purchase anything by Jardine ever again). I was told that when I got my voucher I should come into the store with my voucher and my receipt of the online crib purchase in order to have my credit card refunded for the voucher amount. I received my voucher today and got to the store right away. I had to explain the entire situation to the girl at the return desk. She double checked that this refund was OK with the store manager and they had to walk her through how to do it. My voucher was for $307.99 and I was credited $299.59 for my crib. (I paid $328.30 with the shipping for my replacement crib).

Then I got home and found this article on this site that said that on July 15, 2008 there was an announcement from the CPSC that says: TOYS R US/BABIES R US HAS AGREED TO LET CONSUMERS PURCHASE REPLACEMENT CRIBS ONLINE AND GET REIMBURSED LATER WHEN THEY PRESENT THEIR VOUCHER. SHIPPING CHARGES WILL ALSO BE REIMBURSED IN A SEPARATE TRANSACTION. When I got my refund from the store I was still being told that they would NOT reimburse for shipping charges. So, I called BRU at 800-869-7787 about this and they credited me my shipping charges.

Now, I did find this to be funny; our new crib is the Emily crib that BRU online raised $40.00 when this recall was announced. The store still has the old price of $229.99 in their system for this crib. When they noticed the price difference between my receipt and their system they made mention of it to me like they wouldn't be able to refund me the full price of the crib because of the difference in price in their system. So, I loudly announced to them, and every person that was in the vicinity at the time, that the reason the price is different is because BRU online raised the price of the crib when they found out there was a recall. I was immediately told that the price I paid was the amount they would credit me and they'd "eat" the difference. =) It's the least they can do!

When they were all done with my transaction they handed me a bunch of BRU coupons. That made me laugh. Like I'm going to shop there ever again.


I'm done. Last night, someone from BRU corporate customer service called me in regard to my letter. She assured me the online purchase would be easily refunded at the store-bring your packing slip and vouchers and ask for the manager with problems.
We went today at 2PM, armed with vouchers, packing slip and email confirmation. The woman at customer service immediately said "Nope, we don't do that" "Several other people have been in here trying to do that and we sent them away." I leveled my eyes at her and told her she'd better get her manager NOW that this was getting resolved here and today. I wasn't yelling but I was pretty mad after dealing with this run around a month now (and little sleep with twins and no cribs). The assistant manager came out and he could not have been nicer. It took all of almost TWO HOURS but he got my money refunded. He said they have not been given a procedure on how to handle these and they have sent people away. He said that now he knows how to do the refund. Anyway, even though it took almost 2 hours, he was very nice and did get my refund through. The mean lady was just going to send me away like the others!!!! If you get told no, ask for the manager. If the manager says no, call the CP attorney. Don't give up!


I'm happy that everything is resolved for some of you (Kristine and Kerry). Thank you for posting the CPSC contact information. It's been three weeks since I sent in my first packet and still no voucher. The 1-800-646-4196 Jardine Crib Recall hotline, has mysteriously stopped working. I've tried calling about 10 times over Thursday, Friday, and today. During regular business hours it rings once and then disconnects. I've tried calling after 4:30 and I get an "our office is closed" message.

I don't know if they are deliberately trying to avoid talking to consumers, or if they are overloaded and not taking calls, either way, it is reprehensible business behavior. I had been patient, but I am filing a complaint today. I am not sending in the packet for my other (unused) crib until I get the first one straighted out.

I am so frustrated.



Stephanie, contact that lawyer ASAP. The CPSC was very responsive when I contacted them. They need to know how much people are suffering. This is a dangerous crib recall--not a diaper pail recall! They have handled this horribly. I wish you good luck.


Sending the e-mail to the CPSC seemed to help. Initially, I was discouraged by the nonspecific response I received. The e-mail basically said thank you for letting us know about your problem, we are in daily communication with Toys R Us to resolve the issues consumers are having with the recall.

However, when I got home from work today, there was a message from a supervisor at Dorel who I spoke to and is now researching why I haven't received my voucher and I'm supposed to hear back from them tomorrow. I think having the CPSC intervene made a difference.

If anyone wants to call Dorel, the number is 951-360-1717. They are located in California according to my caller ID, so it gives those of us on the East Coast a chance to call after work.

I'll leave an update on the info I receive from Dorel. This is such a headache.

(Thank you for all of your help and information, especially Kristine. :))



Here's my response. Gee, sounds pretty much like the others. Are these even human beings we're dealing with?? What a bunch of bull.

Dear Ann :

Thank you for taking the time to share your comments with us. We value all your feedback, positive and negative, as it helps us to understand how our guests feel and gives us an opportunity to evaluate any possible issues. Hearing from you has helped us to do just that. Your comments are important to us, and we have forwarded them to our Corporate Office where they will be reviewed. Again, we appreciate your feedback, and look forward to serving you again in the future!

Ms. , I do apologize for the inconvenience the crib recall has been for you. This is the way that Jardine wants it handled. I am sorry that we do not have a larger selection of cribs.

If you have other questions, Ms. please call 1-800-869-7787.


Toys "R" Us Guest Relations Team

-----Original Message-----
From: , Ann
Sent: Jul 22, 2008 12:27:53 PM
Subject: Comments/Suggestions

My Jardine crib was recalled recently. I received my voucher and called the Babiesrus in Syracuse, NY where my crib had been purchased to find out what cribs they had available in the price range of my voucher. The only cribs they have are Jardine cribs. I don't want another Jardine crib. I found a Simplicity at the online store that I like, however I need to come up with $300.00 plus to have it shipped to me, then get reimbursed by the Syracuse store which is one hour from my home. What's the price of gas in New York now?? Your policy on not allowing the retail stores to have items from your online store shipped to them is bogus! Especially during a recall on an item such as a crib. My son has been sleeping in his pack n play for the last 3 weeks and will have to continue to do so until we can save up the $. This is ridiculous. Somebody needs to get this policy changed ASAP, even if it is just for the crib recall. I'm sure I'm not the only one having this issue.


I'm amazed! Last weekend we proposed this idea at 2 BRUs and they both told us no.

Two days ago we called BRU's customer service and they had to give us a case number to investigate the issue.

None of these could tell us this was "policy" as of July 15???

We even had to call them back on the case to get a response.

Really considering buying the rest of my baby items elsewhere at this point!


Just a quick update on my story - the Dorel person who called me after I contacted the CPSC has yet to call me back. When I call the number, I'm told that no one is available to help me and that a supervisor will "call me back soon".

I'm not holding my breath. I have no idea what else to do. I work full time and my toddler keeps me busy until he goes to sleep (in his overpriced, unreimbursed replacement BRU crib). I just want my voucher so that I can get a refund and be done with all of this!


I was certainly hesitant about getting refunded after reading all the comments on here and other forums, but I must say that Jardine and BBRUS have been 100% cooperative with everything and my husband and I have no complaints.
I purchased my crib prior to the voucher coming. We went this morning to BBRUS and they refunded us on the cost of the crib, tax, and shipping! It took a while for them to figure out how to refund shipping, but after 15 min. it was all figured out. Very happy to see this came out to be a painless process!

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