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January 23, 2009


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Not at all...I still plan to get a Bugaboo when my daughter outgrows the snap n go. I was just told by everyone that the snap n go is easier to use the first year.


I'm wondering what will happen to Bugaboo. I was thinking of buying one of my own soon but now I'm wondering if I wait, will the price go down?


My brother bought my daughter a Quinny stroller. But he returned it upon my request and got a Maclaren Techno. Same prices but you get alot more features. I think that is the way the market will go. People are still going to pay 400-600 for strollers, but they are going to want more than just the name on the side and a cool looking "European" design.


I can't bring myself to buy a Bugaboo regardless of the economy because it doesn't suit my needs. I still love how they look and push, but I don't want to drag a Cameleon up and down the stairs of my building. I have no problem spending $600 on a stroller, but I agree, there are so many nice-looking ones out there that aren't as functional as I would like. Maybe the companies that survive will realize that they need to keep fine-tuning what they have rather than chase after the elusive upscale market.

The luxury baby gear market was likely a product of the same forces that are tearing down the economy now. I can't say I'm sorry to see it shrink, as painful as it is for employees and shop owners. I know that good design can be expensive, but I've yet to find something that really works with my lifestyle.


looks like bugaboo has reduced the frog's price to $630. i wonder if other luxury stroller companies will do something similar?


I have noticed that there are fewer bugaboo sales on eBay. I still think these stroller are still sought after, but the price is too high. There are many strollers out there with the same qualities and attributes at a much less price, but the bugaboo has become something of a status symbol among mothers. Bugaboo is still a great product, but there are equivalent products for less

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