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November 07, 2009


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Wow. Do you know whether we'll need to have our original receipt? (Because there's no way I still have ours from four years ago!)

Dr. Ari Brown / Denise & Alan Fields

Re: [Baby Bargains Book Blog] Anjani submitted a comment to RECALL: Massive Maclaren stroller recall coming this Tuesday Nov. 10.

I believe they will send out the hinge covers automatically to registered owners. If you didn’t register your stroller, however, I think you will have to contact them. I don’t think you will need a receipt, but will need to provide the stroller’s serial number, etc.


That is so odd! I have had by Maclaren Techno XT for 6 years and NEVER had a problem with it. Just last month in Disney world, a bus driver opened by stroller for me and crushed my son's fingertip in the hinge. I didn't report it to Maclaren, maybe I should! Get your covers, everyone - you never know when it could happen!

Melanie I.

Michelle, how did the crushing happen? I need my stroller this week and would just like information on how to AVOID this problem so I can still use it.


Wow! I remember this exact problem being an issue back in the early 80s when my parents had a Maclaren stroller for my younger brothers. There was this British TV show that investigated unsafe products, and it was their big crusade. You would have thought that 20+ years later they would have had the problem well and truly figured out!


What hinge part is the problem? I've been using my MacLaren for almost eight years with no problems.

Concerned Parent

I can find no credible source for this information on the internet. Can anyone confirm this information through a major news source?

Dr. Ari Brown / Denise & Alan Fields

Re: [Baby Bargains Book Blog] Concerned Parent submitted a comment to RECALL: Massive Maclaren stroller recall coming this Tuesday Nov. 10.

Hi there. You don’t see this online yet because it hasn’t been officially released. We will modify our post above to explain our source: Maclaren sent a letter to retailers last week to explain the upcoming recall. We imagine that tomorrow you will see it breaking on news sites, as we have been contacted by at least one reporter today.

Concerned Parent

This site appears to be the source for this information. Please cite the source. What retailers have received this letter?

Dr. Ari Brown / Denise & Alan Fields

Re: [Baby Bargains Book Blog] Concerned Parent submitted a comment to RECALL: Massive Maclaren stroller recall coming this Tuesday Nov. 10.

All Maclaren dealers received a letter. Some have posted this info to their blogs. An example is Goore’s of Sacramento:


Concerned Parent

Thank you. This link was very informative. It contains information that will help to inform and calm your readers. I now want to see the contents of the official press release on the 10th.


I'm confused. How does a child's finger get pinched in a hinge if the hinge is used for opening and closing the stroller. Isn;t the child out of the stroller during such movements?


one million strollers vs. 12 reported injuries. Calm down all, and let's take this in stride! Don't rush closing up the stroller, and just pay attention before closing the darn thing!


The instruction manual for my new 09 stroller warned of possible amputation if folded near a child....

Vedant Khaitan

My tip of my two year old daughter's finger was amputated (right hand, index finger!) in May of 2009 while using the Maclaren Volo stroller. Her finger got caught in the front hinges while the stroller was being opened. We informed Maclaren about this and although their COO for USA (Paul Cuthbertson) got in touch with me as a courtesy call, there was no follow up after that. We requested for a reimbursement for medical expenses which was nominal and never heard anything from them. Mr. Cuthbertson said: "I could probably send you US $2000-$3000 without seeking further approval but anything more than that is out of my reach!!!" RIDICULOUS!!! I am from india and was on vacation with my family in New York when this happened. Obviously I did not have medical insurance in the US and I had informed them about the same. But Mr. Cuthbertson took no heed to the fact.


What happened to personal responsibility? Just keep your child away from the stroller while it is being folded or unfolded. Sh*t happens but you cannot blame the manufacturers for everything that happens to your children.


We purchased a Maclaren stroller 2 years ago based on the high recommendation from Baby Bargains. Is this the first time Baby Bargains editors/publisher have heard of problems with this stroller?


It's of course very sad for those families whose children were injured, but I agree this sounds like a very avoidable danger. I've never folded or unfolded our stroller with our son in it or near it, so I can't really visualize how this would even happen.

And I agree -- millions of strollers, twelve incidents doesn't add up to a major reason to panic.


I empathize with those who have had children injured by these strollers but it doesn't make sense to blame the manufacturer if a child's finger gets in the way of a stroller being opened or closed. Would we demand a car recall if a child's fingers got caught in a car door?


this recall is something that is being blown way out of proportion---------for one thing EVERY stroller similar to maclaren uses the same mechanism and if the child is not in the stroller when it is being opened; an injury is impossible. who puts their child in their stroller before the stroller is securely opened?


Open the stroller first, then put the child in and NOTHING can happen! It's the same for EVERY STROLLER!!! Don't open the stroller with the child holding on to the side or, don't open it half way and put the child in the stroller and then open it the rest of way. Common sense and nothing happens!


I was just able to go to the recall page and submit my request for my Techno XT.
Do you know if this also applies to the Easy Traveller car seat frame stroller?


I was just able to go to the recall page and submit my request for my Techno XT.
Do you know if this also applies to the Easy Traveller car seat frame stroller?


Seems like it's more user error than a faulty product. Your child would have to have its finger in the hinge while you open or close the stroller. While I feel really bad for any child/parent this happened to, this should just serve as a reminder to always be cautious and vigilant to all of us.


Yes, very avoidable. Sorry to hear about these kids clipping off their fingers, but why would you open or close your stroller with your kid near it? It's the same as closing a car door, or any other folding object....and PS...every other stroller seems to have the same feature.

What is next, a recall on shoes because your kid tripped and fell?


Looks like the order form is live on McClaren's site (I just did it), even though it wasn't supposed to be until tomorrow, but the site is REALLY slow. http://www.maclarenbaby.com/us/content/view/88573/98889729/lang,en/


the recall applies to:
volo triumph quest sport quest mod techno xt techn xlr twin triumph twin techno and easy traveller,
so yes, submit a request for your easy traveller too.


i think its great that maclaren is on top of this issue and already produced covers that will protect our children. order your hinge covers today, i just visited the website and it is very easy!

Jim Strickland

Regarding the MacLaren Recall: I am a TV reporter in Atlanta working the story today. Any moms with MacLaren strollers who would be kind enough to consent to a quick interview, please e-mail strickland@wsbtv.com Metro Atlanta only, please. Thanks.


How nuts are you respondents who claim it is the responsibility of the consumer to avoid a design flaw which the manufacturer acknowledges. And to those of you think that it is acceptable to lop off a few children's fingers for any reason - why don't you just let your children keep their hands in the car window when you're closing it - shame on you.

Children like to mimic adults and I have seen dozens of toddlers playing Mom (or Dad) with their own strollers. Should a 3 year old bear the responsibility of reading those warning labels?

common sense mom

While any maiming of a child is a tragedy, this seems to be right up there with the warning on plastic bags that they're a suffocation hazard. I think it's common sense to make sure your child's fingers are away from all metal hinges when in operation. I know my daughter is all over the place and this is easier said than done, but c'mon.....watch your kid's fingers until you get your hinge covers....

honestly, this doesn't change the fact that maclaren makes a superior product over most of the junk out there.

Bea Pope

Janet's right - this can happen with any stroller of similar design - if you allow your children's hands to be near the hinge when it's operating! And it could potentially happen with so many other devices - not to mention car doors. It's just a question of care and common sense.

It's almost impossible to completely 'design out' these kinds of dangers. But our culture is now so litigious that companies have to put warnings like 'don't put your child in the microwave' on their products...


Quote from (http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2009/nov/10/maclaren-pushchair-recall-british-customers):

Why are the products being recalled in the US and not the UK?

A spokeswoman for Maclaren says: "The US is considered a different market with different requirements", but would not comment further on why the two markets were being treated so differently. Maclaren's spokeswoman says the buggies "exceeded European standards, which are higher than those in the US."

I don't how to read that except as "you're stupid if you buy Maclaren in the US."

Remember, these are strollers built in China for a British company and sold in the US. Kinda makes you go: "huh?!?!!?"

I only have a one word comment to the parents: "sue!"


Thank you for posting this info - yours is the first site I went to when I heard news of the recall. My son is due in January, and I am registered for a Maclaren Quest Sport. We haven't gotten it yet because we were hoping to use our completion discount to buy it (and the baby will be in our Graco set-up for the first few months anyway). Given this recall and the response, would you recommend changing which stroller we end up getting? Or do you think it will be ok going forward (esp if we don't buy the stroller until early 2010)? If you recommend changing, is there a particular model/brand you would suggest?

Dr. Ari Brown / Denise & Alan Fields


Yes, this is the first weve heard of a problem with the Maclaren strollers.

Alan and Denise Fields
Authors, Baby Bargains

Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2009 05:45:13 -0800
Subject: [Baby Bargains Book Blog] Joi submitted a comment to RECALL:
Massive Maclaren stroller recall coming this Tuesday Nov. 10.

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We purchased a Maclaren stroller 2 years ago based on the high
recommendation from Baby Bargains. Is this the first time Baby Bargains
editors/publisher have heard of problems with this stroller?
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I have a Quest stroller from approximately 5 1/2 years ago. It is not a Quest Sport or Quest Mod which are listed on the recall website. I am wondering if my model is included in the recall???

Dr. Ari Brown / Denise & Alan Fields

My guess is yes, but I would call Maclaren on the recall hotline to double


Maclaren Hinge Cover Demonstration Team
Maclaren will have teams at the following locations in the NY Metro Area for the following times to show consumers how to use the hinge covers


Thursday 4-6pm

Planet Kids

Thursday 1-4pm 4:30-7:30pm

Little Folks and Buy Buy Baby

Saturday 11-2pm 2:30- 530pm

Albees and Schneiders

Friday 1-3pm 4-6pm

Buy Buy Baby

Friday 3-6pm


Will new forthcoming produced models be affected?


While I certainly believe there is a human factor, I have to admit, when my UNREPORTED incident happened where my child's finger was "degloved," I was baffled as to why a manufacturer of baby products would not test the hinge for safety over and over and over.... I understand a child's finger gets caught in things... but this hinge literally ripped the skin off my child's finger.. It was something I could never imagined. It doesn't just "catch" the finger...it can literally snap it off.

I just saying people... until it happens to you I'd be careful about your judgement.

Eduardo Davila

My sister lives in Europe and apparently by some geographical factor, fingers don't get amputated over there. Basically in their response they are saying "RTFM!!!, oh and by the way, keep the kid away from the stroller." I guess they've never seen a parent juggling with one or two kids, maybe a few grocery bags and a diaper bag, and the kid shouting "I wanna open it, I wanna open it!".

There are no plans for recalls nor for any kit whatsoever.

Eduardo Dávila

Cher client,

Nous souhaitons vous rassurer sur le fait que la poussette Maclaren que vous possédez est totalement sure.

Elle répond en effet à toutes les normes de sécurité en vigueur en Europe.

Il faut simplement veiller à tenir l’enfant à distance de la poussette au moment de son pliage ou de son dépliage, pour éviter tout risque de pincement dans les mécanismes situés de chaque coté de la poussette (ce type de précaution doit d’ailleurs être pris pour tous produits de puériculture comportant des parties mobiles et donc des points de compression au moment du pliage).

Ces précautions d’usage figurent dans le manuel d’utilisation ainsi que sur les étiquettes apposées sur le produit.

Les problèmes de pincement, voir d’amputation dans des cas extrêmement rares, ne sont jamais survenus au cours de l’utilisation de la poussette (l’enfant étant assis dans la poussette) mais au cours de cette phase de pliage.

Si votre poussette est pliée ou dépliée en respectant les instructions d’usage, le risque d’accident est inexistant.

Nous vous remercions de la confiance que vous nous avez accordée et restons à votre disposition pour toute information complémentaire.

Nous vous prions d’agréer l’expression de nos sentiments respectueux.

Le service consommateur Maclaren.

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It's the same as closing a car door, or any other folding object....and PS...every other stroller seems to have the same feature.

FAP Turbo

my dog chewd up the end caps on the handles-- does anyone know if maclaren replaces these.... having trouble gettin customer service number and website is being updated...

also-- anyone know how much a full set of new wheels is.??

rain cover???


It's scary when you consider the fact that large organizations choose to declare an official product recall based on cost/benefit analysis data. In other words, we (the consumer) are simply statistics. How many fingers were lost today? How much are the out-of-court settlements versus a total product recall?

Welcome to the 21st century. :(

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