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April 27, 2011


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So I just ordered a Babyletto Modo crib from Target... it's being shipped right now! I'm not due until September though... so what will manufacturers do once these new regulations are in effect? Will they offer retrofitting of cribs like the one I'm purchasing now? Should I not have ordered this crib? Help...


Dead on about the lock washers. The nylon washers that were commonly used in the past actually do a pretty good job of preventing bolts from loosening under vibration, well enough to easily pass the new test requirements. But they aren't allowed to be used under the new standard, regardless of whether they work.

Most manufacturers have switched to split lock washers (different than the ones in your pic) to pass testing. The irony there is that split lock washers are widely acknowledged in the real engineering community to be useless at actually locking. So in that respect they actually made things worse. That's the problem with having standards written, interpreted, and enforced by people with limited technical knowledge I guess.

The rest of the standards, though fairly arbitrary in most respects, will serve to make cribs more robust, and that's a good thing on the whole.

Dr. Ari Brown / Denise & Alan Fields

Re: [Baby Bargains Book Blog] esme submitted a comment to Confusion, chaos reigns as crib makers race to meet June 28 deadline

Well, your crib will meet CURRENT safety standards. But the new enhanced rules take effect June 28, so it is unclear if something shipping TODAY would meet those rules. Most likely yes, but you can ask Target.


Esme, once your Babyletto crib arrives from Target, please post another comment to let us know if it is compliant with 16 CRF 1219. It should say on the box or possibly in teh instructions.

Graco Sprayers

Well I was about to purchase one for our baby due in about 4 months... but it looks like I'm going to wait! Thank you!


Just an update... I received the box for the Babyletto crib, but haven't opened it. No indication on the outside box of whether it's compliant with 16 CRF 1219, so I guess we'll have to open it to find out. Will post an update again once we do so (although I'm also debating if we should keep it closed and return it... )

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